What makes Generation PR different from other job boards?
One of the reasons that finding a job is so difficult is that the opportunities are scattered all over the place. Most job boards only post listings that pay for exposure. Some companies only post opportunities on their own careers page. That’s where Generation PR comes in: every job posted on the web in the fields of communications, marketing, social/digital media and events ends up here.

How up-to-date is the job board?
The job board is updated daily, so you see the newest jobs as soon as they go up. After a job listing expires or the deadline to apply passes, the listing is removed from the board.

I have a job tip! How do I reach you?
Whether you’re an employer looking to post a job, or simply somebody with a good tip about an open opportunity, you can slip into our DMs on Twitter or email us at jobs@generationpr.ca.

If you want your job listing to receive optimal attention, we can provide special promotion on our website and social media for a low fee. Please reach out to learn more.

Which cities do you service?
At the moment: Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax and Winnipeg. However, we will be adding more cities in the future.

How can I contribute to the blog?
If you’ve got career advice to offer or a story(time) to share, pitch us!

I’m having trouble finding a job. Can you help me?
Please note that Generation PR is not a personal recruitment agency, nor can we offer personalized career advice. We invite you to check out the career advice section of our blog to find helpful tips.

A job posted on Indeed/LinkedIn/etc, but not here. Why?
Not every job meets the site’s standards. If a job has been reposted several times, it is no longer considered a viable opportunity. If a job post is less than 300 words, it’s not going to be posted here. (BecauseĀ c’mon). If other red flags are raised in the job description, they will not be posted here. Not everyone is attuned to sniffing out a scam job, and we don’t want to be the reason you showed up to interview for a job that has mischaracterized itself (though, sadly, we can’t guarantee this won’t happen).